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What Makes a Good Logo Design?

5 Qualities of a Good Logo

One of the most important strategies of an effective branding system is a logo that makes a lasting impression in the market for its target audience. It should have all the relevant logo characteristics that can best represent the brand's values, mission, vision and ideology to influence buyer response.

However, creating the perfect design is not easy. Also, there is no recipe for instant popularity. What makes a logo great is what it does and what it doesn't do. Don't miss any of these important tips.

1. Conventional Shape

The shape of your logo can affect your audience's feelings and emotions. Therefore, to effectively communicate what you want to say, you should choose a format that perfectly matches your brand message.

o Squares and Rectangles: Efficiency, security, trustworthiness

o Circles and Ovals: Friendly, casual, inviting

o Triangles: Leadership, authority, dominance

o Abstract: Creative, Unique, Creative, Playful

o Vertical Lines: Prosperity, success, command

o Curved lines: Playful, relaxing, intriguing

o Sharp Angles and Spikes: Aggression, edgy, gritty, offbeat

2. True Colours

Colours also evoke certain emotions and feelings in your target audience, such as red represents alertness and urgency, yellow represents the warmth of the sun, and brown represents nature and earth. Colours can also match cultural relevance like green is money in the US, purple is evil in Japan.

Choosing the best colours for your logo is important for your branding. Therefore, it must be clear and consistent.

Black and White Colours:

Black and white designs are likely to stand the test of time much better than solid colours. Colour options are either too boring or too boring. In colour psychology, black is often associated with a serious and sophisticated image, so black is a great colour choice for those who want to create a timeless logo that people will love. Chanel, Adidas, Nike: These companies have achieved incredible brand recognition with their simple black logos. I chose black because the logo design itself was very simple and clever. The Nike Swoosh symbolizes movement. Adidas steps to overcome. The initials of Chanel, the most famous fashion designer in history.

Warm Colours:

If your perfect logo idea is something bright and colourful that grabs attention, warm colours might be a good choice.

Cold Colours:

Cold colours are better suited to very serious professions like banking, medical, or accounting. On the other hand, combining them with a different colour like red or orange can create a very strong visual effect and a more modern look.

3. Right Typography

Just like colours, shapes, and images, your typographic choices can affect the mood of your logo and the mood and perception of your target audience.

These are the factors that play a vital role while choosing the perfect typography:

· Font

· Text size

· Serifs

· Boldness

· Weight

· Format

· Texture

4. Scalability

Today it is more important to create multiple size versions of your logo. You should create at least 4 different sizes to properly adjust where they are displayed. You can start with minimal elements and expand by adding intricate details. Remember to maintain a consistent style no matter what size you create.

5. Relevant to your Target Audience

When designing a logo, make sure that all elements are compatible with a particular culture. For example, purple does not map well to the target group of senior executives in the business world. If your brand personality doesn't match what you're culturally associated with, you're more likely to be rejected.

Good logo designs focus on the qualities that make them effective. By working to design a timeless yet versatile logo design, you can establish a strong foundation to build your brand upon.

If you want to take the hassle out of designing a logo, we can make awesome customised logo design for your business.

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