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What Type of Logo is Best and Effective for Your Business?

Here are 7 Different Types of Logos that you need for your business

There are various logo types to choose from in the creative world.

While designing logo primary tasks of a branding expert or designer is to select type of logos to serve specific purposes. After all, as the heart of your brand, your logo needs to perfectly convey to your target audience who you are in a simple, consistent manner.

You might feel a lot of difficulties to create the perfect logo, but we’re here to guide you through 7 different types of logos to consider, including:

1. Emblem Logo:

An emblem logo is derived from a font within a symbol or icon. Think badges, seals, and coats of arms. These logos tend to have a traditional look and feel with an eye-catching impact, which is why they are often the first choice for many schools, organizations, or government agencies. The automotive industry also loves emblem logos. They have a classic style, but some companies are modernizing the look of traditional emblems with logo designs that fit the 21st century.

These types of logos are easy to remember, powerful and gives a professional look to your brand. However, they tend to favour more detail, and the fact that the name and symbol are closely related may make them less versatile than the above types of logos. Not easy to reproduce. Business cards make busy emblems very small and hard to read. Also, if you want to embroider this type of logo on a hat or shirt, you should make a simple design. So, as a general rule, keeping the design simple will give you a strong, bold look that will make you look like the perfect professional.

2. Mascot Logo:

A mascot logo is a logo that uses an illustrated character. A mascot logo, often colourful, sometimes cartoonish, and mostly funny, is a great way to create your own spokesperson for your brand. Famous mascots include Kool-Aid Man, Colonel from KFC and Mr. Peanut from Planter.

This type of logo is quite appealing to families and children as they create a healthy atmosphere of the brand itself. Think of mascots at sporting events. Think about creating a lot of momentum when they interact with the audience. Mascot logos are a good fit for sports teams, food brands, or service companies.

3. Monogram:

A Monogram (or lettermark) is a cool way to turn your brand name into an acronym. Create a logo by taking the initials of each word in your brand name. Now all that's left is to think about typography. A Monogram logo design has a small number of characters, so you have to come up with a unique font that catches the eye.

A Monogram is a typography-based logo consisting of a few letters, usually the company's initials. Monogram is all about simplicity. Since the monogram logo has a small number of characters, it has the effect of making the company brand clear when the company name is long.

With an emphasis on initials, the font you choose (or create) is very important not only for your logo to fit your company's theme, but also for it to be legible when printed on business cards. If you're not an established business yet, we recommend adding your full business name under your logo so people can quickly know who you are.

4. Pictorial:

A Pictorial mark logo (or trademark) is an image reduced to its symbolic meaning. So, if you decide to do this type of logo design, it should be very representative and contain elements that make your audience associate with your brand. Some big names like Starbucks had two logos. After the company was established in the market, it changed from an emblem to a symbol over time.

The main checkpoint of pictorial mark is the image that will be most suitable for the brand. This type of brand mark can be considered if it is for a new business but one has to keep in mind that until people get acquainted with your products or services, you have to use a wordmark associated with your symbol.

5. Wordmarks:

Among the most powerful types of logo design are logotypes, also known as wordmark logos. Think Visa and Coca-Cola. A wordmark logo can be very effective if your business has a concise and unique name. The Google logo is one of the best examples.

The name itself is catchy and easy to remember, so a logo paired with strong typography can help increase brand awareness. The font style and colour will create the whole identity of your brand. This is how you create uniqueness through fonts and brand names. What's even more remarkable about logotype design is that it helps people instantly connect a logo with a brand.

6. Abstract:

Next on the list of logotypes are abstract logos that consist of images without text. This is a visual representation of the emotion you want your brand to evoke. Not everyone interprets abstract representations in the same way, so if you're new to the market, it's a bit dangerous to use. However, with a good strategy behind it, a brand logo can help set you apart from your competitors.

Abstract logos are something truly unique rather than being restricted to a certain image that has to be recognized by the people. The advantage of an abstract brand is that it can symbolically convey a company's activities without relying on the cultural influence of a particular image.

7. Combination:

A combination mark is a logo that combines a word mark or letter mark with a figurative mark, abstract mark or mascot. You can place images and text side by side, overlap them, or merge them into a single image. Well-known combination brand logos include Doritos, Burger King and Lacoste.

Place lettering near symbols, abstract shapes, mascots, or blend monograms with abstract logos. whatever works for you. The great thing about this type of logo is that once people get to know you, it becomes easier to use the logo flexibly and in different ways. In some cases, only text can be used. Others are photos only.

Want more logo design tips? Learn What Makes a Good Logo Design? here.

It’s not easy to create the perfect and unique logo. There are many things to consider, and you should hire professional logo designer specialized in branding.

Ready to get a professional logo design for your business? Contact us now

Our talented logo designers will create the unique and relevant logo for your brand.

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